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was in Mallorca, an island full of history anchored in the Mediterranean
where numerous traditions about the use of metals for ornamentation
of the body are treasured, where the idea of the Balance Bracelet
became reality.

Since the ancient
times, several civilizations used determinate metals in their
alloys as aesthetic ornaments, adapting them in fanciful forms
to be worn on the body. In every occasion, the putting on of
these adornments coincided with vital points of the circulation
of energy through the organism.

Modern investigations
have given some explanation to this coincidence, observing that
there is a casual preventative effect resulting from these types
of ancestral adornments. The materialization of the idea behind
the Rayma Balance Bracelet was a result of many discussions
with experts and a variety of consultants.

At last, a proper
alloy and an optimum configuration were achieved, and the Rayma
Balance Bracelet was born.


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