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you want to become a player, there are five things you absolutely
gotta’ know:

  1. Posture

  2. Grip Pressure

  3. Alignment

  4. Swing Arc

  5. What “clubhead motion” is

you don’t understand this, you’ll never play.
You’ll golf. But, you’ll never play.

teaches this stuff better than Jim Flick.

I asked you how Tiger Woods hits it a country mile, you’d probably
say, “BIG shoulder turn, HUGE lower body drive, hips that
rotate like a rocket. It’s a big muscle swing.”

Dead wrong.

the golf swing, there are two elements:

are the SWINGING ELEMENTS which consist of the hands,
wrists, arms and club. And second are the TURNING ELEMENTS
which consist of the shoulders, hips and legs.

the TURNING ELEMENTS seize control of the golf swing, you can
kiss motion and arc goodbye. Here’s the nexus of the golf swing:

put, the swinging elements turn the body both ways,
backward and forward. The body does not turn the swing.”

see, the game of golf is not about what your body is doing.
It’s all about what your club is doing as it delivers its message
to the ball.

has great motion, all generated by his SWINGING ELEMENTS. His
body simply responds to that motion going back and coming forward.

you want the finest golf instruction in the world – if you want
to stop golfing and start playing, while turning golf into an
exciting, engrossing sport where you play with competence and
even excellence — you’re holding the keys in your hand.

teaching professional, Jim Flick, is your key to becoming a
real player. Here’s what you get:

Flick’s 270-page masterpiece. Jack Nicklaus wrote
the Foreword and Flick student, Tom Lehman, wrote the Introduction.
If you really want to know how the tour players play get this
book. More important, if you want to learn how to play yourself,
get this book. Finally, you’ll understand what’s important
in the golf swing&/files/includes/images/products-golf_instruction.jpg133; and what’s not. (click
here to buy separately: $24

Feel and Rhythm,
Flick’s incredible 45-minute video. On
a golf course, you must see the right things, like a Nicklaus
or Floyd. Learn the inside secrets to great golf vision. When
you can feel the clubhead from start to finish, you’re close
to becoming a real player. Rhythm, of course, is the glue that
makes the golf swing repeat. Jim Flick shows you how to find
it&/files/includes/images/products-golf_instruction.jpg133; then keep it. (click
here to buy separately: $19.95

with special instruction video from Jim Flick. If you can’t
swing on the proper arc, you’ll never play. SwingGYDE is the
revolutionary new trainer that puts you on perfect plane, path
and arc. Finally, you’ll feel and understand the right club
path for you. And there’s more: SwingGYDE corrects club face
alignment&/files/includes/images/products-golf_instruction.jpg133; gets you to a perfect top-of-backswing position&/files/includes/images/products-golf_instruction.jpg133;
then literally guides you to the finish. It’s like having Jim
Flick right beside you, coaching you every step of the way.
here to buy separately: $34.95

a complete, at home golf learning experience.

Sold separately:
You save $11.90

Golf Greats Say About Jim Flick

Flick understands the golf swing better than anyone I’ve ever


knowledge of the golf swing and a great communicator.”


of the greatest teachers we’ve ever seen.”

- Jack Nicklaus

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