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Step One

At address, SWINGYDE positioned
on top of the shaft, in line with
left shoulder.

Step Two

Take away with shoulder turn and
arm straight, with SWINGYDE
on top of the shaft.

Step Three

At top of backswing, SWINGGYDE
touches side of forearm.

Step Four

Start downswing keeping SWINGYDE “rest” against
side of forearm.

Step Five

At impact, SWINGYDE is again on top of the shaft as the
ball is struck with a square club face.

Step Six

6. Follow through to three-quarter position, SWINGYDE “rest”
meets left forearm as left arm bends.


Each unit contains: 1 Swingyde,

wrist band, rubber band, instruction

sheet and training video.

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INSTRUCTION VIDEO INCLUDED the ultimate golf swing training

  • Lightweight
    and easy to attach
  • Suits both ladies
    and gentlemen, right and left hand
  • Correct club
    face alignment
  • Improves grip
    and width of arc
  • Correct swing
  • Check completion
    of backswing in correct position
  • Improves swing
  • Correct start
    of downswing
  • Improves impact
  • Improves follow
    through on plane
Endorsements :
Flick of Nicklaus / Flick Golf Schools

“I’m a very lucky man, golf
has been my life. I roomed with Arnold Palmer in college.
I’m proud to be the cofounder of Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools
and to have established it’s outstanding staff. My time
with Jack on the course and practice tee has been exciting.
I strongly cherish my relationships with Tom Lehman and
a number of other tour players. My travels around the
world to help recreational golfers improve their games
have given me some of my greatest professional joy.

In my 57 years of playing
and 43 years of teaching I have never seen a training
tool like my SWINGYDE to help train golfers of all abilities
to swing their club on line, every time. Let me share
my discovery with you !”

 Jim Flick


I want to personally thank
you for coming forth with the swingyde. You have made
a significant contribution to the game of golf.

All of us who have taught
golf for a long time have had thoughts about such a product,
but you’ve done it. I will search no longer. You have
created a new category of learning aids.

The two things that stand
out about the Swingyde are it’s simplicity of use and
the fact that it works through kinesthetic feedback. A
golfer can use the Swingyde at home, anytime, night or
day. The important thing is he or she does not have to
be on the practice tee to benefit. That’s huge.

The Swingyde creates “feel”
of proper motion, and feel is without doubt the fastest
and most permanent route to improvement. In my coaching,
I can simply place the swingyde before a golfer, and without
a lot of verbalization, he or she makes the necessary
changes. And after the changes are made, the golfer can
use the Swingyde frequently for verification.

Very seldom do we find a
learning tool that will benefit players of all levels
of experience, but yours does just that. The first several
golfers I used it with were professionals. The Swingyde
helped each of them, each in different ways. However,
I found that it’s just as beneficial for less experienced
players, too, also in different ways. I can accomplish
a lot with one simple tool, and I love that. Succinctly,
we can help fix a multitude of areas quite simply. Just
put it on the club, then they do the learning.

Thanks again for your major
contribution, and best regards to your family. Wade will
make a fine Texan and Cougar.

Yours truly,

Ben Jackson 

Golf Professional Stonington
Country Club Stonington, CT

Note: Ben is the coach of Tour Players,
Brad Faxon and Kenny Knox.



I purchased a Swingyde last
December after a long two years of bad golf, with my handicap
blowing out to 18 after being a respectable 11-12 marker
for the 3 years prior. I had two lessons with the local
pro with limited success & several pointers from fellow
golfers who had watched my golf game & confidence
deteriorate. After seeing your product demonstrated on
the golf show, I bought one.

The Swingyde was perfect
for my golf swing as I was over swinging at the top and
then collapsing my arms.

I practiced with two clubs,
a 6 and 7 iron and immediately I could feel the difference,
when hitting balls with the 6 iron which didn’t have the
swingyde attached to it. After a couple of months of lots
of practice it all started coming back to me.

I had taken a few shots from
my handicap (15) before I had the round of my life with
46 stableford points and only 5 over par.

I now play off an 11 handicap
& feel it is only a matter of time before I reach
single figures.

Thank you very much and I
hope you have great success in selling your product.

Paul Murphy

West Pennant Hills, NSW Australia

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