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you can generate maximum width and extension&/files/includes/images/products-training_products.jpg133;
then “fire” the club with a powerful on-line release.


it longer. Hit it straighter. Hit it more consistently.
Kiss your slice goodbye. ONE TRAINING AID DOES IT ALL.
It’s called the Right Angle 2 and here’s what happens:

  • You
    automatically get the club hinged correctly on the backswing.
  • You
    automatically get your right arm in it’s most powerful
    position: a right angle.
  • You
    automatically generate maximum width and extension.
  • You
    automatically generate a powerful, on-line release.

Yes, you
can feel exactly what world-renowned teacher Rick Smith teaches.
Experience the feel. Right Angle 2 comes with a 20 minute video
by Rick Smith. (Rick Smith is teacher to Phil Mickelson, Lee
Janzen, Rocco Mediate, and Billy Andrade).

“With my
signature training products and practice drills, I can improve
your golf swing literally in minutes because the product does
the work. My products are designed to place your body in the
correct position, automatically. That’s why improvement is so
quick. You make your normal golf swing and the products do the
work. You feel the result.” – Rick Smith


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