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Swing Magic
Includes Instructional Video!

Kallassy’s Swing Magic looks and feels like
a golf club, but it’s not. It’s a golf swing trainer scientifically
designed to help you put together the fundamental elements of
all the best swings in golf.

proprietary split-handle grip glides up the shaft and guides
your arms and muscles through each of the fundamental positions
of your ideal swing. You’ll immediately feel a smooth takeaway,
proper tempo and rhythm, full shoulder turn, square club face
accelerating through impact and extended fluid follow-through.

has never been anything like Kallassy’s Swing Magic. It’s the
only swing trainer that teaches all the key elements of a proper
swing in one easy motion.

Swing Magic Does All This…
And More!

Swing Magic can:

  • Prevent
    coming over the top and releasing too early
  • Eliminate
    your slice
  • Improve
    your accuracy
  • Increase
    your distance
  • Develop
    perfect tempo

Easy to
Use & Understand, Kallassy’s Swing Magic:

  • Works
    for beginners or low handicappers
  • Allows
    for a complete coiling and shoulder turn

Swing Magic Teaches and Imprints:

  • Inside
    Out Club Path
  • Proper
    Delivery Position
  • Correct
    Grip Pressure
  • Smooth
  • Complete
    Shoulder Turn
  • Square
    Clubface at Impact
  • Acceleration
    Through the Impact Zone

including training video.


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