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In the opinion of iGolf Technologies, golf’s major learning problem is the inability of the student to feel a fundamentally sound golf swing let alone repeat it.

A well-conceived training aid can do what no teacher can do:
impart the actual feel or experience of striking a golf ball at
the muscle level where feel resides.

One of the great mysteries of the golf swing is the impact position.
You can feel — yes — literally experience a tour quality impact position– automatically and immediately?

Enter "TheWristFirm." This simple yet powerful training device slips onto your left wrist. You make your pass. Automatically and instantly, WristFirm guides your leading left side into a perfect IMPACT POSITION


Learn at the speed of light. Finally, you can instantly self correct your vital path and plane problems.

In a sound golf swing, there are a few fundamental positions. Kallassy’s SWING MAGIC carefully guides you through these strategic positions&/files/includes/images/products-training_products.jpg133; all by feel. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your ball striking. SWING MAGIC comes with its own training video.

If you’re looking for maximum width and extension – one of the major sources of speed and power – then RightANGLE2 is for you. This celebrated aid has appeared on TV all over the country. It has also been used and endorsed by top international players.


"In my 57 years of playing and 43 years of teaching, I have never seen a training aid like SWINGYDE to help train golfers to swing the club on line. Let me share this amazing discovery with you!" (famed PGA teaching professional, Jim Flick)

Instruction video with Jim Flick included!

The Original SwingLINK You see it on the practice tee of every pro golf tournament in the world. Hundreds of thousands sold world-wide. Its golf"s /files/includes/images/products-training_products.jpg1 training aid. Look inside and see why.

Also, iGolf Technologies has a terrific instructional video that comes with SwingLINK.

It’s called instant feedback&/files/includes/images/products-training_products.jpg133; and if you want to practice productively, this is the simple, little device you need. Complete instructions come with your mirror.

In a putt, there are only three variables that matter:

1. The clubface at impact.
2. The clubhead path at impact.
3. Clubhead acceleration through the ball.

That’s it.

Now&/files/includes/images/products-training_products.jpg133; along comes one simple putting device that GUARANTEES to drill the three variables into your putting stroke. Result? Fewer putts&/files/includes/images/products-training_products.jpg133; lower scores&/files/includes/images/products-training_products.jpg133; a lot more fun. Also, complete instructions provided.

In a biomechanically sound golf swing, at impact the left wrist is flat and the right wrist is bent. Any other condition&/files/includes/images/products-training_products.jpg133; and you’re basically dead. Now comes a training aid that gives you the feel of a great impact position. A great instructional video by a world class teacher is included.

The revolutionary new laser based golf training aid. We have all read about it in golf magazines, seen it in books and on television. Ben Hogan described it as a large pane of glass that rests on the shoulders as it inclines upward from the ball. It is a key part of the golf swing and has been difficult to observe until now.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could see our own swing plane as we swing the club without moving our head or eyes? Plane Sight will show you your swing plane every time you swing the club.

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